Vén Diófa Guesthouse

The Vén Diófa is located 10 minutes walking distance from the Dugonics square, and 5 minutes from the University Library. It provides perfect accessibility to the heart of Szeged and the frquently visited Olympic Rowing Center as well.

The guesthouse is able to house 18 people in 6 non-smoking bedrooms, all equipped with bathrooms, television and WIFI access.

Six enclosed parking spots are provided for the guests. The garden is a perfect spot for grilling and barbecue, all the equipments are available at the guesthouse. The guests can enjoy a nice and friendly athmosphere in the garden in the shade of an actual old oak tree. (‘Vén Diófa’ stands for old oak tree)


6725 Szeged Petőfi Sándor sgt. 47.
Tel.: + 36-20/624-0662
Number of rooms/beds: 7/20