Arad Martyrs Square

In the centre of the  irregularly shaped square stands the nicely proportioned equestrian statue of Ferenc Rákóczi II, with the slogan of the war of independence (Cum Deo pro patria et libertate), lead by him. We can find the memorial column of the battle of Szőreg nearby, the marble plaque in front of it commemorates the thirteen generals executed in Arad. The Heroes’ Gate is the memorial place of the soldiers from Szeged who died in World War I. On the arch we can see the war theme frescos painted by Vilmos Aba-Novák. The memorial column of the revolution of 1956 stands in the square too, reminding us of the fact that the events of October were launched by the movements of the students in Szeged. The square is surrounded by several buildings of the university, among which the most important is the building of the Faculty of Science and Informatics, the former piarist grammar school, where Gyula Juhász, one of the most well-known poets in Szeged, studied.