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  • Kapca Bistro and Café

      In Kapca Bistro and Café, the most important thing we always keep in mind is that ...
  • Classic Café & Restaurant

    Situated in Széchenyi tér, in the centre of Szeged, the restaurant has been serving the masterpieces of Serbian cuisine since 1998, using high-quality ingredients.
  • Pick Pub and Restaurant

    Originally it was a club for the employees of the factory operating for more than 150 years, but in 2002 it was opened to the public.
  • Gőry Cellar and Terrace

    The Mediterranean style restaurant with a terrace and a garden is a proud holder of the titles "Where dressing comes with a blessing" and "The most flowery restaurant of Szeged".
  • Famous- American & Street Food

      Információk Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 12-22h Fri-Sat: 12-00h Sunday: 12-20h Famous - ...
  • Szent István Restaurant and Wine Bar

    Its owner, master chef Mihály Tóth, opened the restaurant of his own design to provide a special, lasting experience for the inhabitants and guests of the city with its atmosphere and service.
  • Pizza E Pasta

    Restaurant and pizzeria with the true Italian athmosphere right in the heart of Szeged!
  • Béke Tanszék

    It is a popular, legendary meeting point for students and teachers working in the neighbouring university buildings, a place where some of the fundamental questions of philosophy have already been answered with a glass of drink.
  • Pipi

    Chicken restaurant.
  • Jobb mint otthon Restaurant

    It is a favoured, high standard fish restaurant in Szeged, offering traditional Hungarian dishes.
  • Tiszavirág Restaurant and Café

    Tiszavirág restaurant uses the most excellent ingredients, prepears fresh meals of the highest quality and as a result it has become the best restaurant of Szeged, based on the rating of the most influential French restaurant guide Gault&Millau 2014.
  • Öreg Kőrössy Fish Restaurant

    The menu of the restaurant, opened in 1930, includes fish soup, Kőrössy fish paprika, different grilled fish and noodles with cottage cheese.