New Synagogue

“Love your neighbour as yourself.” The biblical commandment can be read in Hebrew and Hungarian on the triumphal arch of the New Synagogue built in 1903. The use of the Hungarian language may be attributed to the influence of Chief Rabbi Immánuel Lőw, a scholar, who took an active part in designing the building, supporting the work of the architect Lipót Baumhorn with his guidance. The painted glass windows made in the workshop of Manó Roth and the symbolic glass dome of exceptional beauty are unique ornaments of the eclectic synagogure. The interior is dominated by the entrancing harmony of the ornaments in ivory, golden and blue. The Jerusalem marble closing stone oft hte altar, the door of the Ark of Conveant made of acacia from the Nile region, the menorahs decorated with precious stones, as well as the wall paintings depicting the plants of the Bible all deserve attention. The synagogue with its excellent acoustics is a special venure for high standar organ and light musical concerts.

Jósika utca 10.




Opening hours:
10.00 – 16.00
On every Saturday CLOSED!

Guided tours can be requested in Hungarian and English, for groups (over 10 people) the entrance fee is included, for individual visitors (1-9 persons) the fee is 1800 HUF / occasion. We can provide guided tours only on preliminary notice!


Adult: 1.000 HUF/person
Student/pensioner: 600 HUF/person
Group (min. 10 person): 500 HUF/person
Family: 1.500HUF/4person (2 adult and 2 children under 14 years)


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