Programs in Spring

Each year, on the second day of February, the Carnival Bear Watching takes place in the Zoo of Szeged. Traditionally, if a bear sees its own shadow on Candlemas Day due to clear weather, it will retreat into its cave and winter will persist for long.

On 15 February, farewell to winter is celebrated on Szent István tér. The organizers are waiting for visitors with all-day programs: fair, crafts activities, donut eating contest, carousel, effigy burning, the youngest ones are entertained by Grimmbusz band and Pasenkó Clown. The Water Tower also opens its door, and from April to October on the first Saturday of each month from 10.00 to 16.00 the „Old Lady” can be visited. 

Reborn from the Great Flood in 1879 as the Phoenix Bird, the city offers colorful and varied programs for children and adults on the 16th Flood Memorial Day in Dóm tér. The purpose of the event is to celebrate the rebirth of Szeged, living the power of cooperation and collaboration. 

We will also discover the sweetest side of Szeged, on 28 March as part of the guided Pastry Tour. We follow the footsteps of renowned master confectioners from the past and present, seasoned with a tasting at the end. 

Starting on 15 April, the 17th University Spring Festival will last for one month, and it will feature diverse academic, cultural, educational, sport and entertainment programs, conferences, faculty days, at various venues of the university and the city. 

The Fool Moon Acapella Festival marks the end of April, which is organized for the 15th time this year. Hungarian and foreign performers will present the old and new trends in the genre at this unique music festival in Hungary.