The power of Szeged medicinal waters


Anna Well

The Anna spring is one of the most famous landmarks in Szeged, which is located in the city center and is an extremely busy junction, so it is easily accessible. The artesian well is the first source of hot water in the Southern Great Plains region, which comes from a depth of 944 meters and has a temperature of 51 °C.

We can take the exceptionally high-quality water with us all year round, as the well works continuously, which is popular among the locals. The medicinal water rich in mineral salts and enriched with carbonic acid was discovered in 1927, it was named later in 1938 after the daughter of Dezső Patzauer, who bottled the medicinal water, and it was certified as medicinal water in 1929. Located in an imposing, eclectic building, the Anna spa also gets its healing water from this source. As a drinking cure, the spring’s water can improve digestive system problems, and the spa also offers medical treatments and a wellness section for visitors.

Another interesting thing about the medicinal water is that the MÁV palace, located next to the well, was heated with the spring water at the same time, so it was the first building heated with geothermal energy in Hungary.


Dóra Spring


Hungary is famous for its medicinal waters, and Szeged is no different. Beneficial springs springing up from the depths provide two wonderful baths for the residents of Szeged and visitors alike – the Anna Bath and the Napfényfürdő Aquapolis.

The source of the medicinal water of Napfényfürdő Aquapolis in Újszeged is the Dóra well, which was drilled in 1958. There are also two Dóra wells, with differences in depth and temperature. Well No. 1 provides medicinal water at 70 degrees Celsius from a depth of 1,551 meters, while well No. 2 goes to a depth of 1,706 meters for medicinal water at 80 degrees Celsius. The miraculous medicinal water has a positive effect on, among other things, musculoskeletal and internal medicine diseases, as well as the after-treatment of accidental surgeries. In the early 2000s, the University of Szeged investigated the effect of water, so we have known about its magical power for more than 20 years. In the Napfényfürdő Aquapolis, you can experience the extraordinary effects of the water of the Dóra well under the guidance of a specialist in the spa’s medical department. If you like more active bathing, you will still find the right options, as the huge spa complex also has an indoor giant slide, in addition to several other adventure pools.