Erzsébet Park

Situated in Újszeged in the line of Belvárosi Bridge, the largest park of Szeged has an area of 15 hectares. The wilderness of trees and weed thriving at the place of the present park was transformed by Baron Vilmos Reitzenstein, an imperial officer, colonel of the Italian battalion and his soldiers in 1858. They created a spectacular baroque garden, the axis of which is now lined by giant plane trees, the lawns are shaded by old lindens, oaks and maples. It accommodates the smaller stage of the Open Air Festival and some university sports fields. On the side close to the bridge stands the Saint Elisabeth church. Nearby there is an area forrelaxation with a fountain. The park is a popular exercise place for athletes, especially marathoners, triathlonists and handball players, but it is also a venue for May Day and gastronomic festivals. At the corner near the sports hall there is a cycling centre.