The Gastronomy of Szeged

Fish restaurants with a unique atmosphere are perched on the bank of the River Tisza, serving the obligatory Szeged style fish soup. Besides friendly restaurants decorated with every day, but now antique objects, there are also elegant downtown restaurants where meals are prepared by leading Hungarian master chefs and numerous fast food restaurants to serve those with less time to eat with a busy schedule. Sweet toothed customers can choose from a variety of cosy cafés with a pleasant atmosphere, and confectioners with sweet smells and  cheerful terraces bathing in sparkling sunshine ready to tempt one’s taste buds. For the younger generation there are plenty of student eateries, and canteens with young guests eating food like pizza or pasta squares with ham. There are of course restaurants that offer their service to more serious clientele such as businessmen or ambassadors and offer such customers the opportunity to sit on a terrace while enjoying game meat. Other highly respected potential guests such as visiting professors and individuals attending university conferences can dine in restaurants offering more fanciful cuisine.

This is only a selection of the infinitely rich list of places that Szeged has to offer its visitors and inhabitants alike. So Szeged eagerly awaits your arrival to treat you with warm hospitality to make your experience of eating in this town a most memorable one.