Szeged Motel

The motel is located close to the train station, only 15 minutes away from the downtown of Szeged.

Cambridge (United Kingdom)

Agreement signed in 1987.


The first development of the town took place in the second half of the 13th century when a member of the Csanad family was the landlord of the territory where Makó lies today.

Protestant Church

The building designed by Frigyes Schulek, completed in 1884, is also called the 'Cockerel church' owing to the figure decorating its tower.


Family excursion in Szeged! In addition to the comfortable downtown accommodation, we offer fun and small for both adults and children.

New Synagogue

"Love your neighbour as yourself." The biblical commandment can be read in Hebrew and Hungarian ...

Larnaka (Cyprus)

Agreement signed in 1994.

Kapca Bistro and Café

  In Kapca Bistro and Café, the most important thing we always keep in mind is that ...

Pontoon Boat

Get out on the water with your family, friends, luxury living on your own floating terrace! Pontoon ...

Soleil Apartman

A ray of sunshine in the city of sunshine: Soleil Apartman is located right in the centre of Szeged.