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Aquarius Guesthouse

We provide accommodation for 16 guests in 6 non-smoking rooms with elegant interior design.

Szeged Military Park

Since the era of Maria Theresa, corps, barracks have always been present in Szeged but unfortunately, there are no active corps presently. Thus, the young people, the future generations and the tourists cannot see the beauties of military life at close quarters.


The town, located 12 km northwest to Szeged, was founded on the area donated to the victims of the Great Flood of 1879 from Algyő by marquis Sándor Pallavicini.

Hét Café

Informations Opening hours: Mo - Fri: 7:30 - 18h Sat: 9 - 19h 6720 Szeged, Horváth ...

Christina Guesthouse

Szeged, Hajnal u. 5.   +36- 70/625-3160 menesi.imre@gmail.com Prices:   ...

Hotel Tisza***

This elegant downtown hotel is one of the most tarnished hotels in Szeged and it's region.

Kerékpár kölcsönzés

Akkor sem kell lemondania a kerékpározás szerelmeseinek Szeged két keréken történő felfedezéséről, ha a saját járművük éppen nem áll rendelkezésre.

Béla Rerrich Square

The square was named after the designer of the building complex in Dóm Square, the first remarkable figure in Hungarian landscape architecture.