Béke Tanszék

It is a popular, legendary meeting point for students and teachers working in the neighbouring university buildings, a place where some of the fundamental questions of philosophy have already been answered with a glass of drink.

Joó Guesthouse

Joó Private accommodation awaits its guests in with a friendly accommodation.

Gulyás Csárda

It awaits its guests, even those just travelling through the city, with traditional Hungarian dishes, and daily menus at one of the busiest locations in Szeged.

Rahiv (Ukraine)

Agreement signed first in 1939, then in 1997.

Peti Apartment

Our guests love the spacious rooms, the well-equipped kitchen, and the beautiful bathroom. We also provide internet accessibility.

Partium Hotel***

The building of the Hotel Partium *** is situated in the heart of the downtown of Szeged but in a peaceful street, just a 5-minutes-walk from the Dóm Square. His style is characterized by classical lines and traditional forms.

Internet Access

Free WIFI in Dugonics tér

Hét Café

Informations Opening hours: Mo - Fri: 7:30 - 18h Sat: 9 - 19h 6720 Szeged, Horváth ...

Kotor (Montenegro)

Agreement signed in 2001.