Wine Festival

During the ten days of the Wine Festival several tens of thousands taste the best wines of Hungary, enjoying a lively atmosphere with their friends or family. Clink glasses at the Szeged Wine Festival in mid-May. Enjoy your drink.

Interactive Science Knowledgestore

How many legs does a centipede have? How many different kinds of falcons live in Hungary? What does antimony-glance look like?

Kálmán Guesthouse and Restaurant

The Kálmán Guesthouse located 1000 metres away from the downotwn, just a few minutes away from the train station.

See you in Szeged again!

After the Great Flood in Szeged, Franz Josef said: "Szeged will be more beautiful than it used to be" – the quote can be read on one of the stained glass windows of the City Hall. In recent days and weeks, Szeged has started to regain its Mediterranean atmosphere. More and more people are beginning to visit the terraces of restaurants and confectioneries operating in our eye-catching downtown mansions.

SZIN – The Youth Festival of Szeged

Thousands of young people visit the summer-closing music festival which became a symbolic annual event in the town's life.

Márer House

Owing to the playfulness, extravagant animation and asymmetry of the facade, this beautifully renovated building is a unique example of the geometric Art Nouveau.

Béla Rerrich Square

The square was named after the designer of the building complex in Dóm Square, the first remarkable figure in Hungarian landscape architecture.

Timișoara (Romania)

Agreement signed in 1998.

Sziksósfürdő Lido and Campsite

There is a campsite for 700 people in the common area with a beach bath, with suitable service ...

Pálinka Festival

The city is still ruled by frost and those heading for the main square walk among heaps of snow when the small wooden houses of Pálinka Festival start to offer, sausages, puddings and other delicious foods as well as the soul-warming fruit pálinkas.