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The observatory located in Újszeged was built by the Szeged Observatory Foundation more than twenty years ago.

The River Tisza

The river Tisza is the longest river in Hungary, it has its source in the Eastern Carpathians and it meets the Danube flowing through Serbia.

Sightseeing boat

On the sightseeing tour we can get a unique view of Szeged, as well as the mouth of the Maros, but it is also possible to call on our neighbours in Magyarkanizsa or Zenta travelling back down the river.

Art Nouveau attractions in Szeged

The present image of Szeged is defined by the constructions after the Great Flood in 1879, which ...

Stefánia Studio Apartman

Clean and cozy apartments, located in the calm neighborhood of Szeged city's downtown, are ...

Tímárház Guesthouse

The Tímárház guesthouse is located 500 m from the Tisza, in a nice and quet street.

Old Synagogue

The nicely preserved monument built between 1837 and 843 was created by the Lipovszky brothers, Henrik and József.

Szenna Guesthouse

Close to the railway station and the university facilities, just a couple of minutes away from the downtown the Szenna Guesthouse awaits its dear guests.

Hotel Tisza***

This elegant downtown hotel is one of the most tarnished hotels in Szeged and it's region.