Musical clock

The tunes of this unique piece of art by watchmaker Ferenc Csúri could be first heard at the Open Air Festival in 1936.

Erzsébet Park

Situated in Újszeged in the line of Belvárosi Bridge, the largest park of Szeged has an area of 15 hectares.

SZIN – The Youth Festival of Szeged

Thousands of young people visit the summer-closing music festival which became a symbolic annual event in the town's life.

Łódź (Poland)

Agreement signed in 2004.

Bike rental

Avid cycling fans do not need to give up the pleasure of exploring Szeged on two wheels if they do not own their own cycle.

Nyárfás Guesthouse

Apartment house 6 km from Szeged, next to the Szeged Olympic Centre, 10 min. from the city centre of Szeged.

Rahiv (Ukraine)

Agreement signed first in 1939, then in 1997.

Goldschmidt Palace

Today nobody would think that this undistinctive and characterless apartment house once was one of the most remarkable buildings of the Szeged Art Nouveau.

Hotel Art Szeged****

The Art Hotel is located in the downtown, right next to the Dóm square. It provides the perfect accomodation for the theatre-loving, business and active tourists.

Alkimista Culinary Workshop

The Alkimista is currently the highest rated gourmet restaurant in the Southern Great Plain ...

Fasor Restaurant and Cafe Semiramis

The recently restored restaurant, also popular with tourists, is located in a quiet, pleasant area of Újszeged.