Hotel Mátrix**

You can easily walk to any of the sights from this downtown hotel, which has a very friendly athmosphere.

Go this way – Experience Tours atop a Segway PT

Let's go full tear on dam in Szeged, or enjoy the modern technology and the historical old town's atmosphere encounter!

Roosevelt tér Fish Restaurant

The concept of fish soup has almost become inseparable from the fish restaurant in Roosevelt square, more popularly known as "Sótartó" (Salt Keeper).

Palma Superior Guesthouse

We opened the Superior building of our Palma Guesthouse in 2015, which is close to the city ...

Indóház square

Indóház square is one of the gates of Szeged, as most of the visitors who come to the city by ...

Hotel Noir Szeged****

Our hotel is located in Szeged downtown. Széchenyi Square - the main square of Szeged - and ...

Mosoly Apartment

The Mosoly Apatment awaits its guests in the heart of the town. Modern rooms and quiet backyard await those who wish to relax.

Parking facilities

It is mandatory to pay a parking fee at all designated car parks between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm on weekdays and (only in the area near Mars Square) between 8.00 am and 12.00 am.

Partfürdő Riverside Campground and Beach

Szeged’s popular riverside beach can be found in Újszeged, 10-minute walk from the city center.

City Hall

The present City Hall is the third building in the same place with the same function. The first building of a modest design was raised in 1728. It was followed by the second one with the same area as the present hall, designed by István Vedres at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.