Family friendly programme in Szeged

Aquatic Experiences

Napfényfürdő Aquapolis

Discover the perfect combination of fun and relaxation at the Szeged Sunshine Bath Aquapolis! A paradise for families, this water park is guaranteed to offer the ideal recreation for everyone. The adventure pools, water slides and wellness services will keep the adults relaxed, while the children’s pools, games and entertainment programmes will keep the little ones happy. Enjoy family time together at the Szeged Sunshine Spa Aquapolis, where the sun always shines!

Experiences in nature

Szeged Zoo

Explore the wonders of nature in Szeged Zoo, where the family can enjoy the exciting world of animals together! Stroll through the habitats of special species, follow the curious lemurs at play and meet fascinating predators. The Szeged Zoo is not only fun but educational, you can discover the wonders of nature together and support the conservation of protected species.

SZTE Botanical Garden

Enjoy the peace and beauty of nature in the Szeged SZTE Botanical Garden! This wonderful botanical garden offers the perfect relaxation for families among flowers, plants and birds. Delight in the rare plants and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life on the quiet walkways.

Theatre experiences

Kövér Béla Puppet Theatre

Children and parents alike can take part in the stories come to life, with the colourful characters’ hilarious adventures. The puppets and actors in the theatre are guaranteed to bring smiles to faces and enchant little ones. For families, it’s a great opportunity to laugh, be amazed and experience together.

Szeged National Theatre family and children performances

Visit the National Theatre of Szeged, where there are unforgettable experiences for everyone in the family! Fun and educational children’s performances await the little ones, while the whole family will be entertained by high quality family plays. Enjoy exciting moments together and let the theatre magic enchant you all.

Scientific and artistic adventures

Szent-Györgyi Albert Agóra

Explore the world of science and creativity at the Szent-Györgyi Albert Agora in Szeged! Interactive exhibitions, experiments and exciting programmes await families. Children can learn through play while discovering the wonders of science. Experience unforgettable moments together and nurture curiosity in a place where learning is a joy.

Móra Ferenc Museum museum educational activities

Discover the magical world of the Móra Ferenc Museum! From 27 January, it’s open again with permanent exhibitions and (if you haven’t already) the Chinese Clay Soldier exhibition, which is still open to the public. Enjoy a cultural journey into the past where history and art meet in a fascinating experience!

Interactive Science Knowledgestore

Visit Szeged’s Interactive Science Knowledgestore, where information is combined with amazing experiences. In the Knowledgestore you can take part in a wide range of interesting and interactive lectures and programmes, where you can learn more about history and archaeology, medicine, art and cultural history, and last but not least, the secrets of natural science.

Traditional Rural House museum educational activities

Explore the Traditional Rural House, where all members of the family can get a glimpse of the Szeged way of life and everyday life of the past! Visit us and enjoy traditional craft sessions where you can create together while learning about life in Szeged of the past.


Marvel at the secrets of the starry sky at the Szeged Observatory! With your family, explore the fascinating world of celestial bodies with the help of state-of-the-art telescopes. Children will have a thrilling time discovering the stars while expert guides share interesting facts.

Active in Szeged

Small trains

For families, the sightseeing train is a perfect way to relax, where children’s eyes will light up and adults will feel nostalgic. You can explore the city in comfort from the open carriage, while the atmospheric ride creates unforgettable memories.


Sail with us on the Szeged cruise boat and enjoy the view of the city from the Tisza! On the waterway between the mouth of the Mures and the Witch Island, a pleasant swinging ride will give you a different perspective of the city.


Ride together through the sights of Szeged by segway! Easy to learn and fun, it’s ideal for everyone. Kids will enjoy the thrilling ride, while adults can admire the beauty of the city during the easy and fun ride. Get ready together for a speeding experience on Szeged segway tours!


The playgrounds along the beautiful Tisza shore and in the heart of the city offer a colourful and safe environment. Slides, swings and other interactive toys await parents with young children and curious little explorers.