Sziksósfürdő Naturist Lido and Camping

The Sziksósfürdő Naturist Campsite and Beach welcomes You on its 5 acres of park area, found in immediate proximity of the lake!

Hajósház Apartment

Hajós Apartments is a unique building situated in the center of Szeged, close to the river Tisza.

Restaurant to the Old Bridge

The restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere, is located at the foot of Belvárosi bridge, and is richly decorated with everyday objects that could belong to our grandmothers.

Somogyi Library

Károly Somogyi, prebendary of Esztergom, aimed to make a contribution to the 'mental' reconstruction of the city in ruins after the flood by giving Szeged his priceless collection of books in 1881.


Covering an area of 14 m2 it is the largest alkali lake in Hungary. In the first third of the 20th century it was turned into a system of fish ponds.

Szeged Military Park

Since the era of Maria Theresa, corps, barracks have always been present in Szeged but unfortunately, there are no active corps presently. Thus, the young people, the future generations and the tourists cannot see the beauties of military life at close quarters.

Partfürdő Riverside Campground and Beach

Szeged’s popular riverside beach can be found in Újszeged, 10-minute walk from the city center.

Ungár-Mayer Palace

This corner building dominantly shaping the cityscape is a masterpiece of the late Art Nouveau in Szeged. Its capriciously animated facades can be attributed to the architect’s imagination forced to distance himself from Art Nouveau and to the designer’s sober intuition under the pressure to return to Eclecticism.