Festival Cavalcade in Szeged

Spring or summer, autumn or winter, we always find such programs and events in Szeged that the whole family can enjoy.

Szeged Slippers Exhibition in Agóra

The making and wearing of Szeged slippers are closely connected to the history of Szeged. They were one of the most typical footwear of the citizens of Szeged in the 19th and 20th centuries. Nowadays, they are available only as souvenirs. They have become one of the symbols of Szeged. Sándor Rátkai, the famous slipper maker of Szeged once said: „What ...

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Art Nouveau attractions in Szeged

The present image of Szeged is defined by the constructions after the Great Flood in 1879, which occurred in the spirit of Art Nouveau, and as a result Szeged has become a city of palaces. The upper middle-class luxury mansions reveal their interior magnificence, wrought iron staircases, original tiles and colorful glass windows. Here are some of the ...