Legends from Szeged – Witch trials in Szeged

There is a place in Szeged where we can recall the old legends of the witches of Szeged. It is the Witches’ Island, that received its name after the execution of 12 people. How did these tragic events start?

Famous People from Szeged : Albert Szent-Györgyi

Week by week, we would like to introduce people connected to Szeged who play or played a significant role in enhancing the reputation of the city. Join us for this interesting journey!

Art Nouveau attractions in Szeged

The present image of Szeged is defined by the constructions after the Great Flood in 1879, which occurred in the spirit of Art Nouveau, and as a result Szeged has become a city of palaces. The upper middle-class luxury mansions reveal their interior magnificence, wrought iron staircases, original tiles and colorful glass windows. Here are some of the ...
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